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 Court and his Lear Jet 

 Charlie and his Elder 40

 Bill and his Stik    The Gamble's 4 engine plane 

 Max and his Yak              Duane and hs Spitfire

 Gregg and his Ornithopter   Neil and his Velox

 Murray and his Zero      Dan and his giant glider

 Tom and his Zlin             Dan tows Tom's new sailplane

 Darrell and his new Ryan    Dan and his Boomerang Jet

 Clay and his Boomerang jet   Dan and his B-25 Mitchell

 Mike                                          Darrell and his Ultimate Biplane

 Gene and his Dual Ace      Dan and his Sopwith Tabloid  

 Murray's new Zero                  Steve and his new Mig  

  Anthony and his Yak          Clay Pollutes the sky  

 Rob and his extra 300        Clay buzzes the field  

  Dan and his new Extra 260   Darrell flies his helicoptor 

 Joe and his new RV4             Bob and his Sebart  

Duane flies his rebuilt Spitfire  Neil and his Slick  

 Anthony and his Sebach          

 John flies his Cub                 Steve and his Habu 

 Hank and his Extra 300             Gene's Corsair 

 Dan Flies my Jackal               Dan flies at the Air Museum

  Max and his Funtana          Darrell and his Extra 300    

 Dan flies Joe's Ercoupe          Gregg flies his Helicoptor 

 Video from Chris's Heli-Cam  Ken and his Bobcat